Please don’t be scared. Don’t mistake me for someone else because you feel lonely. Hold my hand and we’ll figure it all out together.

I want to know your story, your bruises and sorrows. I will kiss them all and comfort you.

We’ll embrace side by side with our bodies very close so that not only our bodies connect tightly but also our souls. Feeling each other’s heartbeat and breathing. Doing this regularly, heals deep wounds of our lives.

I’m not going to try to fix or change you. We’ll both be learning together and will adjust to each other naturally. Lovingly. Kindly.

I will be scared sometimes too but please, please, tell me everything will be ok and hug me tight. A hug that embraces my heart and soul.

I am sure we will say to each other things that we will regret. Stuff happens and as humans, we lose our temper sometimes or we are just having a bad day. Let’s make an effort to be mindful of that and hold space for each other when we notice the other is having a hard time for whatever reason.

Let’s remind each other of our strengths and make mistakes together.

Let’s explore new places and find beauty in mundane things, so when things are not so great, we can still have a sense of wonder.

My future love, forget all your misfortunes with love, this time around, I’ll be your answer and you’ll be mine. Our past relationships mistakes will serve us well.

We will learn how to ask for what we want with kindness and be always, always attentive to each other’s needs.

When I take time alone, don’t feel scared or take it personally, this is how I recharge. Please let me know when you need time alone too, we’ll both gain from this.

Don’t find it strange if you catch me looking at you from the other side of the room at a party or something, it’s just that I’ll be admiring you and thinking how lucky I am to have you in my life.

Let’s surprise each other with cute notes to remind us of our love.

We’ll make sweet passionate love that will merge our hearts and souls. Our connection will be so deep that we’ll combine our bodies in a beautiful dance even when we’re not making love.

When that passion recedes, let’s keep practicing seducing each other and keeping the sparkle alive. For that to happen though, it’s necessary to have a solid friendship foundation. Yes, let’s build that first.

My future love, I’ll know what is going on with you only by looking at your sweet eyes, in fact, I can feel you even when we’re not together.

Let’s enjoy a lazy Sunday in bed too. Sleeping late, making love, sleeping more, eating, watching hours of Netflix with popcorn in bed, making love and forgetting at all about the world outside.

We’ll have long talks and keep discovering the wonder that is to get to know each other more and more.

Let’s make a pact to remember that the love that we build, will be always with us even after one of us leave this world.