Unleash Your Potential

How would you like to feel uplifted, fulfilled and with a sense or purpose in your life? How about understand why you keep repeating the same mistakes again and again? Or learn how to unleash all the potential and power buried deep down inside yourself, or be everything you could be?

Well, most of us, say yes to one or more of these questions and it’s ok to feel like that, it’s part of our human experience. The thing is, we get so used with our own patterns, that we don’t know we’re running them. Good news is, we can learn how to create new habits and train our brains to maintain  sustainable change.  We just need a little support and that’s where I come in.

You see, I’ve been where you are. I’ve experienced all of the issues listed above, along with many, many more. I’ve spent years crawling on my hands and knees up the rocky path up the mountain of self-liberation and self-discovery. And it wasn’t easy for me to rise above those things that dogged my progress and kept me chained down. It took immense courage and willpower to access the strength and self-knowledge that I ultimately needed to fly, to free myself to truly be me, to truly liberate myself from the shackles of these terrible things.

Although this is still a learning curve, after much effort and self-discovery, I did it. And now, I want to help you unshackle yourself from these patterns, because I have a passion for helping others and a driving sense of purpose that this is what I need to do in this life. And it is for this reason that I’ve put this website together, and put my three week e-course together.

And if you’re feeling confused, insecure, hesitant or unsure about allowing someone else to help you through a difficult time, that’s perfectly understandable. It is much more difficult to claw your way out of a dark space on your own than it is when you have the light of another person’s support and experience to guide you through the dark passage.

Are you ready?

Get started with the FREE Illuminated Heart Session: a 1 Hour personalized session with Claudia including 2 weeks of follow up emails.

Let’s embark on a journey into the core of who you really are and to live a wholehearted life. Join me in this 3 week course – Pathway Into Your Heart

Work at Your Own Pace

In my course there is no pressure on you at all – everything is taken entirely at your own pace, and you only share what you are comfortable with sharing. While I do believe that when we tell our stories, we own them, there are some stories you may wish to share, while others you may wish to keep entirely to yourself – and both of those options are entirely okay. I’ve designed my course so that you receive maximum benefits without having to strain yourself or experience any sort of deep discomfort.

Live with Purpose & Meaning

I will help you to analyze and dissect details of your past and present with regard to where you are now, and where you should be going, and assist you with aligning your deepest core values with how you ultimately live your life. And finally, I will help you to align your values with your goals for the future, in order for you to truly start living a fulfilling, deeply meaningful existence. And all of this will be done at your pace, with no prodding or pressure – just what you’re comfortable with.

Free Sample Materials

These sample materials are yours, absolutely free – they are designed to give you an idea of what to expect from my e-Course.


Christianna Saoulis
Christianna SaoulisAthens, Greece
When I think of my coaching time with Claudia, the first thing that comes to my mind is her vibrant and positive attitude and her warm character. I felt as if I knew her already for a long time since our first session and felt I could share everything with her.
Corinne Worsley
Corinne WorsleyLondon, United Kingdom
Claudia is such an intuitive and natural coach. She listens between the lines of what you are saying and really gets to the heart of whatever issues you are dealing with, opening your eyes to things you weren’t aware of. If you are looking for a coach to help you change your life then look no further.
Varvara Stojanovska Cukic
Varvara Stojanovska CukicMacedonia
Claudia is fantastic coach. She is empathetic, a sensitive person , whom you can believe. She has a lot of knowledge and life experience. During our coaching process I could feel her motivational energy and I was energized in reaching my goals.