I’ve been trying to distract myself from thinking of you.

Many times. It doesn’t seem productive since my mind plays tricks on me. What’s the point, I ask myself. It hurts. It’s better to avoid thinking altogether so there’s no pain.

Thing is, it’s an internal fight because even though that voice in my heart is soft most of the time; it gets pretty loud sometimes and wakes me up asking for attention.

How can I suppress desire?

The best thing to do is stay with whatever is here inside me. Why run?

When we stay with whatever is uncomfortable, we need to dive deep and get to the bottom of what really needs attention. The pain is actually an advisor, a sign for us to understand what really needs our love and care. In the case of longing, it is our true nature, our essence, which is love and compassion.

When we’re too fixated on whatever outside of us and think that the only way to be happy is achieving that specific thing, we disconnect with our true nature.