Dear money

Thank you for so many possibilites you gave me through the years and all those fantastic places I visited. Cool things I did and bought with you. If it wasn’t because of you, I wouldn’t be here today, I would be probably still in my country of origin and my life is so much better because the chances I took and used you wisely.

I’ve never been attached to you and although you were in my life in abundance once, interestingly enough, I was never happy back then, not because of you, of course, you were a good distraction, it was because I was focusing on the distractions instead of myself.

In my universe, most people work super hard to get you and for that reason, I was led to believe, that I was so lucky to have you in my life and had no right to complain. Ever. So I did’t.

Today, I know the importance of having you and also very aware of the distractions you can provide, so I respect you and feel that you will always be my friend.