Dear Family.

As a kid I used to love browsing family pictures in other people’s houses. I found them beautiful and strange at the same time. Strange because they didn’t seem real to me since my life was so different from any of those pictures. Are they pretending to share
all that love?

Family laughing and eating together, what’s that about? Maybe they are just posing for photos.

I remember clearly my mom rushing around the kitchen while I was eating, trying to leave everything spotless. In front of me, only my plate and drink. Not a face, not a smile and never a laugh like in those pictures. But hey, everything was super clean as my mom proudly announced here and then, never sitting down with me or asking about my day like those families on tv did while eating.

It took some time for me to understand that what I thought to be normal was in fact a sterile family life due to the much hard life my parents had themselves.

It took even more time to understand that people do the best they can with what they have (very challenging at times this one).

I grew up with a promise to build a family myself one day and I would take many lovely photos of our lives and have them around the house with so much pride.

Not much of a family I can say I built after two marriages and a wonderful daughter from my first one. It’s a small one I think with my soon to leave the house 19 year old baby. After she’s gone, it’ll be harder to capture more photos.2016-04-17 14.54.30