How to Follow through on your New Year’s resolution.

Next year is going to be different. We promise ourselves and make wonderful new resolutions. Most of them are the same as previous years and despite feeling determined to do things differently and starting well, most of us don’t follow through.

1. Make sure your goals come from love and not from fear.

How would you know that for sure? If you want to lose weight because all your friends did or because you think your partner will like you more, your goal is coming from fear and even if you achieve it, it won’t last long because it’s not sustainable. Check the source of your goal. Why do I really want this and how important it it for me?

2. Make sure your goals are aligned with your values.

It’s important to have your values pretty clear so that you make goals that really matter to you.

3. Make sure your goals are realistic.

What’s the point in starting another magic diet, lose the weight and put it back on 2 months later? Seriously! You’ve been that and done that, so, save yourself some disappointment and make more attainable goals. Nothing super easy that wont motivate you but instead, something that will challenge and inspire you.

4. Give your goals a time frame.

If you don’t set some timeline for them, you might as well get too relaxed and forget about them altogether.
I’ve heard it said that “goals are dreams with a time frame.” Same idea of “make it realistic” applies here so that you can be challenged and still make it so that you’ll feel inspired to make new goals.

5. Determine the first step.

Make it clear what is the first thing you can do, no matter how small towards your goal and set a timeline for it too. This will put you in the right track. For example – If losing weight is your thing, getting rid of all those cookies and snacks hide in your pantry is already a good step in the right direction.

6. Keep track of them.

Find your way to keep track of your goals. Example: if every first day of the month when you check your bank account and your money is still there, it means that you’re not spending much, if your goal is to save money, that is.