This is another one for my blogging workshop. 

Even though you are tight and scared right now, I promise I will keep checking on you and make sure to find things, no matter how small, to make you smile. I know now you can’t go too long without being seen or heard and I’m so sorry that I silenced your voice in the past so many times in the name of security. I really didn’t know it was safe to listen to you.

Now, even though I know there isn’t any other way to live this life fully, it’s still challenging to attend to your deepest desires.

I’m very grateful that you put up with me all these years, many times carrying a heavy armor around you. Please know that all I wanted was to protect you and I still do. Little did I know that with all that hiding, all I did was, I kept you empty and dug a big hole in my soul.

I’m also sorry that the voice in my head many times was louder than you which made me hide and live in a smaller domain, not true to myself.

It’s my aspiration to set you free. Completely.

Whoever likes you, will naturally gravitate towards you, so I promise you I won’t try to grasp the ungraspable.

All I want for you my dearest heart is that you are always taken care of and you can love without holding back.